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Paid Search Marketing Tips—What to Do After Someone Lands on Your Page

Thursday , 25, June 2020 Comments Off on Paid Search Marketing Tips—What to Do After Someone Lands on Your Page

Search marketing is not a business, it is ultimately a tool. You can also consider it an important and useful source of targeted traffic. What really matters more is what you should do, after someone clicks your ad and lands on your page.

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Paid Search Marketing Tips---What to Do After Someone Lands on Your Page

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Direct Sales

Most people want to make a sale by presenting a product page or sales letter to the visitor. It is very straightforward and it works, however, there are better ways to maximize your paid search traffic.

Product review

Some affiliates will create a product review site or comparison site. They are helping visitors make more informed purchase decisions by writing reviews and allowing people to compare products.

Whichever product the visitor decides to purchase, they will all click on the affiliate link so that the affiliate will be paid. This is a very good move that provides a win-win situation for visitors, affiliates, and merchants.

Product presale

Instead of comparing a few different products, some search marketing associates will write a presale that recommends only 1 single product. It is more focused than doing review sites and sometimes it can lead to more profit.

Once again, when the visitor makes a purchase after clicking on the affiliate link, the affiliate is paid. This is another great move that benefits the visitor, affiliate, and merchant.

squeeze page

The best idea of all is none other than capturing your visitor's email so that you can continue to follow for a long time. You are paying for your traffic and you want to be able to contact your visitors repeatedly so that you can maximize your chances of making more sales.


Direct sales pages, product reviews, product presales, and squeeze pages are what you can do. If possible, always receive emails from your visitors and keep following them.