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Ways to choose perfect tyre for your 4×4 Drive

Posted by: | Posted on: June 26, 2018

Selecting right tyres for your drive is not an easy task. You might have the strong engine, best suspension, and best 4wd accessories, but if your tyres aren’t good as per the requirement, all these things will be of no advantages.

Therefore, every 4WD owner pays a lot of attention while choosing the tyre for four-wheel drive. Before buying 4×4 tyres from ARB 4×4 accessories store, keep below-mentioned items in mind.

Speed rating

Before you pick the tyre for your 4WD, check the single letter written on the tyre to ascertain the speed rating. According to guidelines, you need to match the tyre that has same speed rating as the first tyre. But with 4WD tyres you have the exemption, you can use’N’ rated or better tyre for off-road trips.


Tread blocks

Off-road tyres are all about getting better grip on the rough terrains. If the purpose of your four-wheel drive is only for adventure not for regular use, you may pick the mud-terrain (M/T) tyres.

However, these tyres are used only by the people who spend the entire year on the adventure and off-road driving. The most frequently used tyres are all-terrain (A/T) 4×4 wheels and tires. These tyres work equally for on road and off road.


Load rating

You also need to keep eye on the road rating as well. Tyres carry the entire load of the car. You have to buy the tyres that can at least able to take the load what original tyres could carry. Load rating is denoted by a number varies between 90 to 132.


This is the few important things you will need to bear in mind. But, there are others recommendations as well. Check this useful reference to get detailed information on the best way best to select tyres for four-wheel drive.


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