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Types of Construction Equipment

Posted by: | Posted on: October 9, 2018

If you want to construct a building in a well- structured manner then you need to have a proper construction equipment on the construction site. Without proper construction equipment, your project may get delay or you may suffer from losses. You need to be very cautious while choosing the construction equipment.

There are various types of construction equipment used by contractors nowadays, some can be heavy equipment other may be lighter one that depends on the project you have for construction. The construction industry has some equipment that serves only one specific work but other may serve various others purposes.

Construction Equipment

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There is some basic construction equipment that is listed below with their usage:

Backhoe Loader: This type of construction equipment is used in a small-scale construction site or in repairing the broken roads. This loader backhoe has attached shovel or bucket on the front of the tractor and an attached backhoe at the back.

Excavator: The only difference between the excavator and backhoe loader is that the excavator can rotate at 360 degrees and are large in size. This type of movement can be done with the help of hydraulic fluids. These excavators are used to perform heavy construction work. If you are looking for excavator on rent then you should type this query ‘equipment rental’ online.

Heavy Equipment

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Dozer: A dozer is one of the heavy construction equipments that is used to move a huge amount of material within a short distance such as moving a substantial amount of soil. The track dozer and wheel dozers are the types of dozers that have the same function but they move in different ways.


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Articulated Trucks: This type of trucks are perfect for the construction site. This articulated construction truck includes the cab and the trailer. The cab is considered as a unit of the tractor that is move over a terrain and the trailer is used to carry the heavy loads. The cab and the trailers are connected with the help of pivot that makes this truck easy to use.

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