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Newborn Photography Props Ideas

Posted by: | Posted on: July 19, 2019

Newborn photography props are very popular nowadays in newborn photography sessions. There are many props available from prop vendors that really add the finishing touch to your image.

Following are some of the props that you can use to make your newborn photography in Dubai a memorable one.

  • Tiebacks

 This is the most popular baby photography props. You could find the best to have a few tiebacks in each colour to match the other accessories you have.

baby photogrphy

  • Flokati Rugs:

 Flokati rugs add beautiful textures to every picture you take and are available in many beautiful colours. They are very classic and beautiful and the newborn baby likes to curl up in it.

  • Stretch wraps:

Wraps are perfect for use at the beginning of each session. In general, most newborns like to be wrapped. If a newborn is nervous, using a wrapper is the perfect way to make it comfortable. Stretch wraps are available in many beautiful colours.

  • Knitted hat

Knitted hats are a wonderful addition to your newborn session. Handmade items such as knitted hats really add a beautiful organic touch to your newborn session. 

  • Stretch headbands

Apart from tiebacks, stretch headbands are one of the most popular baby photography props to use. They are easy to use, with headbands just slipping to the head of a newborn baby. If you are not confident enough to use tiebacks, then definitely use some stretch headbands in your session. They are one of the newborn photography props!

  • Newborn Set

There are so many newborn sets available from a different vendor but use those sets that have beautiful fabrics, lace and ribbons to make the most beautiful pants, hats and headbands. The newborn baby set is very cute in newborns and is a must to add to your newborn baby prop collection.

  • Quilted blankets

This is very beautiful and very popular nowadays. They are made in various colours and textures using beautiful natural wool that is felt. Felted blankets are handmade and add a beautiful touch to your newborn photography session

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