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Method To Determine The Quality Of Marijuana Plants

Posted by: | Posted on: October 22, 2018

Most of the people who want to buy medicinal marijuana are not aware of how to get to know if the marijuana plant is beneficial or not or it is of good quality or not. The most fundamental step to ensure that is to buy marijuana plants from a reputable dispensary because it will guarantee that the plant is of superior quality.

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Another major step is to determine your personal requirements about the plant such as the type of cannabis whether you want indica, sativa or hybrid, strains etc. So before purchasing the plant, you should check the reviews of the dispensary and the testimonials of the customer will help you to decide if you should buy the plant from that store or not.

Always buy from a dispensary which has honest and reliable reviews on the quality of products, knowledge of employees and overall store atmosphere. Also, you should keep in mind that just looking at the plant is not enough to evaluate the eminence of the marijuana plant.

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Now to determine the quality of plants the 3 key attributes you must consider are:

  • Smell – quality marijuana should have a strong, pungent smell.
  • Appearance – high-quality cannabis generally has a robust coating of trichomes and a minimal presence of sugar leaves
  • Bud shape – it should be firm, not too dry and a high flower to stem ratio.

All these factors do not guarantee the quality of the plant however they are very beneficial when you need to evaluate the quality of these plants in a haste. Also, the dispensary should also sale seeds, and best clones in LA at their place as it will help in finding the reputation of the dispensary.

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If you wish to grow the plant on your own then you may click over here to know about 5 tips to cultivate cannabis at home. These tips will help you to effectively grow the plant at home without any troubles and you will be able to enjoy all of its medicinal benefits.

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