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Importance Of Oil Painting

Posted by: | Posted on: May 16, 2019

Painting with oils requires a few different pieces of equipment. There are loads of different options out there so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to determine what you will need. The supplies mentioned can be found in any good art store, or online.

You can easily get the best attractive oil paintings via kidzart Indonesia. Here are some of the basic supplies which a beginner will need to successfully paint with oils.


As for colors, a good way of keeping the cost down is by buying primary colors and mixing them. You'd need a cool and warm version of red, blue and yellow, along with a white.


Many artists do not even use a traditional palette and just use any old surface! For oil painting, you should probably try a wooden or glass palette to start with. As long as it's big enough to hold your colors and leaves enough room for mixing, it should suit you just fine.

Canvas and easel

A perfect beginner's canvas is a primed, pre-stretched canvas. This is simply a canvas that has been pre-stretched and comes mounted on a frame. If a canvas hasn't been primed and oil paint is applied, the oil will leave dull patches on the painting.

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