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How To Show Your Devotion To God

Posted by: | Posted on: July 12, 2019

Attending the Eucharistic celebration is the most common method, especially for Christians, to express their faith. This is even true to other religious sectors as well. There are just different form of celebration depending on the belief and tradition of a certain community. Community worship in Concord is being done regularly as a sign of respect to the creator.

Worship means showing the worth of something. Most believers do this to express their respect to the Almighty. Worshipping is not seen in the action of any person but from the intention they have inside their heart and minds. This is being practiced not only by Christian community but other religious sect or cult as well.

Members of a certain sect gather regularly in a designated place, mostly a church, where they will reflect about life and share the good news of the Lord. However, the word worship is not limited to the act of praying or singing inside the church or chapel. We have to remember that the church is not the building itself, but the people who believe that God is really existing and he was the one who created us all.

There is nothing wrong not to attend the mass regularly. As a matter of fact, being present in every Eucharistic celebration does not necessarily show your devotion. Our action greatly indicates what kind of person we are. On the other hand, being devoted in this kind of activity somehow lead a person to a better life.

During the old times, people were very strict regarding the venue of such ceremony. They used to hold it in the church, chapel or a place designated by their leaders in case of cult. However, as time passes by, a lot of changes were made and introduced and luckily most high ranking officials of the church adapted the drastic change in our society. Right now, mass are also held even in garden or beaches.

We can no longer tell as to when people started to do this practice because even before the times of Jesus people were already praising something they believe holy or valuable. We can even safely say that it has started even from the very beginning. Pagans have their own style in praising their almighty, and during the Stone Age worships were already in their practice.

Considering the advancement that we have right now, we can say that our society is more civilized than the old generation. Information nowadays can easily spread throughout the whole world, thus citizens are considered more knowledgeable now as compared to the old times. For this reason, faith is something questionable now for some people, not to mention the coming of Protestants and those who do not believe in any God.

Every individual has the right to practice any religion and exercise his faith. However, taking into account that the word now is run by money, it appears that faith has been intruded by businessmen. In fact, such scheme is the fastest and effective way to get rich because of being exempted to tax. In other words, to believe is indeed for free, but to get involved in any organization is already a kind of profit making.

Different sects have different goals and purpose. We cannot tell just by looking at their actions. But one thing is for sure, most of said groups are seeking for peace and prosperity. If your God is telling you to discredit others, then you must be in the wrong path. In any case, their purpose depends on the doctrine being taught to them.

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